Alan's Argentina Photos 2001


It had been 12 years since my last trip to Argentina. I hadn't seen family there in that long. I didn't want to spend a lot of time thinking about taking photos. I wanted to just be there. So, snapshots would be sufficient. Also, I figured, if I had a Mavica, for example, I could store the pix on floppy disks and if I could find an Internet café or something, I could actually post the photos on Ofoto and people back home could view the pix as they happened.

As it happened, a good friend lent me a first generation Mavica camera (thanks Michael). I bought 20 diskettes and off I went to the other Down Under. Also, as it happened, there were Internet cafés and such but the connection times were excrutiatingly slow and about half way through the trip, I could not keep up the uploading of the photos with the taking of them.

So, here they are. I've done very little editing. You will note that the photos range in quality from crummy to occasionally okay. I wasn't going for quality. I just wanted an easy way to capture places and family. I used PhotoPage to quickly construct HTML pages with thumbnails and links to the JPGs. The HTML is neither elegant nor sophisticated. Maybe some day I'll make it so, maybe not. But at least the photos are finally out there so folks can see them.

Here is a list of pages with photos. Take a look. My faves are the shots of hanging with the family in Mar del Plata (1 and 2), the bunch called Tango, Colonia (1, 2 and the Panorama), and the family shots, mostly at Lucila's and Graciela's. Email me questions or comments if you like: .