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Background Summary:

Linguistics:   Masters in Linguistics, University of Michigan. Study in phonetics, syntax, phonology, morphology, translation, language acquisition, language and culture, historical linguistics, and several foreign languages. Teaching of Phonetics (mentored by John C. Catford), English as a Foreign Language, and Spanish. Knowledge Engineer work involving use of parsers/lexical scanners, dictionaries.
Languages:   English: native (American). Spanish: fluent and idiomatic (Argentine), near native. French, Italian: excellent reading. Study of and familiarity with spoken and written Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese.
Intercultural Experience:   Extended travel and time spent living in Europe, Far East, and South America. Deep interest in language and culture, and intercultural relations.
Digital Documents / Digital Library :   Development of pageturner application for the Michigan Digitization Project (aka Google Project). Development of object-oriented CGI middleware for web-based applications involving a backend SGML/XML/Unicode-aware search engine (XPat), SQL database, HTML delivery of structured text via XSLT, page-turning mechanisms, and image data conversion and delivery (TIFF, JPG, GIF, JPG2000, PDF). Electronic document preparation and indexing. TEI, METS, EAD, OAI standards. R&D work in automatic electronic document mark up, storage and retrieval. XML analysis, transformation, validation, normalization, indexing and searching. Grammar writing using scanners/parsers.
Software & Operating Systems:   Java, Redhat JBoss ESB, Object-oriented Perl, Oracle, MySQL, PDF (iText), XML, XSLT, Schematron, and other XML tools, Hibernate. Agile development practices. Excellent knowledge of UNIX and Mac OS environments. Good knowledge of PC environment.
Teaching & Training:   Years of teaching and training experience (phonetics, Spanish, English as a Foreign Language, technical workshops). Excellent communications, teaching and problem-solving skills.
IT & Systems Analysis:   Enterprise-wide systems analysis, planning, implementation and integration. Problem-solving approach to all aspects of work. Experience in team-oriented processes including re-engineering workflow, database design, LAN design, installation and management, and telephony. Procurement of IT hardware and software. Vendor relations.


Senior Software Developer (2010-present)
ITHAKA/JSTOR, New York, NY. 2006 to present

  • Using Redhat JBoss ESB, Oracle, MS/SQL, set up and maintain ongoing data feeds between Fulfillment, Delivery, Content Management, and Financial systems.
  • Team member during mission-critical data migration for integration of new fulfillment system with existing content delivery, CRM, and finance systems. Migration involved writing scripts to interact with databases, data export, conversion, and ingest in a variety of formats.
  • Create and maintain internal software tools, both automated and user-driven.
  • Migrate and maintain data for new product launches.
  • Work with internal departments and external business partners.

Software Developer ITHAKA/JSTOR, Ann Arbor, MI. (2006-2010)

  • Design, develop and maintain a variety of data validation tools using Java, Ruby, Perl, JHOVE, XSLT. Primary developer and maintainer of the mission-critical Data Validator which incorporates XSD-based and Schematron-based validation, JHOVE-based image and Java-based citation/reference/business logic validation.
  • Member of teams, using Agile development practices, working on front-end changes to the JSTOR web site ( Work included Google crawl site and availability maintenance, participating institutions access, journal launch and releases.
  • Member of Technical Services team re-engineering the backend and delivery systems for JSTOR's archiving and delivery of research journals. Java programming to migrate data from legacy format to XML-based metadata format, along with page and illustration image files, OCR, etc.

Information Retrieval Specialist
University of Michigan Digital Library Production Services, Ann Arbor, MI. 1998 to 2006  

  • Development of pageturner application for the Michigan Digitization Project (aka Google Project).
  • Coding and maintenance of large body of complex, object-oriented Perl code for a web-based delivery application of SGML and XML/Unicode-encoded electronic collections. This middleware allows the DLPS team to put online a wide variety of encoded texts and digital images for researchers and other users. Object-oriented document classes with DTDs including TEI, EAD, allow access by the abstracted middleware which includes searching, display and navigation of structured texts, page-turning mechanisms. Middleware is open source and available as a product (DLXS) with support to other subscribing institutions.
  • Indexing and retrieval of encoded text, using XPAT, an SGML/XML/Unicode-aware indexing/search engine, and its integration into the CGI. Integration of MySQL data into the CGI.
  • Give support for, and teach technical workshops, in DLXS software and processes; participate in panels concerning mark up and delivery of digital, encoded texts. Regularly attend relevant conferences and forums.

Other Digital Content Work
  • MICASE (Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English): Coded the original MICASE corpus linguistics web application in 2000 as a member of the University of Michigan's Digital Library Production Services, and in 2007 finished its rewrite.
  • Consulting: data management and software development consulting with the US Government Printing Office on the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
  • Workshops: U of M School of Information workshops in HTML, Perl, and Dreamweaver/Fireworks.

Knowledge Engineer
UMI - University Microfilms International (ProQuest Information & Learning), Ann Arbor, MI. 2 years  

Working in the R&D group, responsible for writing multi-level grammars, creating and managing dictionaries for the integration of Natural Language capability into the indexing and searching of the company's online electronic document retrieval system. Use of Perl and C and in-house developed lexical scanners and syntactic parsers in the UNIX environment. SGML, HTML, and other document markup methods.

Manager of Information Systems
Townsend & Bottum, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. 6 years

  • Read recommendation from supervisor, Sr. Vice-President Frank MacDonald
  • Responsible for all aspects of IS of this $40 million per year power industry-related construction company including all computer, network, telecommunications, and telephone systems.
  • Strategic design and implementation of enterprise-wide hardware and software architecture and standards.
  • Budgeting, procurement and implementation of hardware and software systems.
  • Work together with people in all departments and functions (including Management, Accounting, Cost Control, Project Management, Marketing, Estimating and Human Resources) to develop IS support structures and solutions: physical, computer and network-related, data translation, database development, workflow facilitation, e-mail administration, etc. Training and support of end users.
  • Hardware and software planning, purchasing, installation, trouble-shooting, training and support. Software customization. Enterprise-wide network configuration and management, including data security.
  • Implementation of off-the-shelf and custom software including network OSs, DBMSs, telecommunications, mission critical accounting and job costing software.

Consultant, Self-employed
Systems Integration Associates, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. 2 years  

Macintosh and PC hardware and software installation, training and support including word processing, desktop publishing, databases, and spreadsheets. Hardware diagnosis and data recovery. Software, hardware, and LAN configuration and management.

Project Manager & Knowledge Engineer
International Consumer Technologies, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. 2 years

Responsible for domain expert interviewing, knowledge acquisition, and rule base development and management for the development of a consumer product expert system.

Client Support Specialist, Trainer, & Technical Writer
Micro-Arizala Systems, Ann Arbor, MI. 2 years

Developer of governmental accounting software used nationwide by local governments. Trained novice and experienced users nationwide in the use of PCs, DOS and all accounting applications. Technical support, software and hardware problem diagnosis, data recovery, auditing of computer-generated records. Production of user manuals and programmer documentation. Member of team responsible for software design and modification.

Lecturer in Spanish
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. 3 years  

Head Teacher
Kyoto English Center, Kyoto, Japan. 1 year


M.A. in Linguistics (with specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
GPA 8.1 (8=A, 9=A+).

B.A. in Linguistics and Russian, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey
With honors, Phi Beta Kappa.

Seminars and workshops in Disaster Recovery, network technology, software applications and expert systems.

Programming languages and Software Engineering classes at Rutgers University and the University of Michigan.

Teaching, Training and Presentations:

Digital Library Federation Fall 2005 Forum, "Re-architecting a Digital Library System: Lessons Learned"

The Third North American Symposium on Corpus Linguistics and Language Teaching, "MICASE Implementation: Making the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English Web Accessible"; March, 2001.

Annual Digital Library Extension Service technical workshops through the Digital Library Production Service, University of Michigan; 1999 - present. (Workshop web site)

University of Michigan School of Information's Digital Toolkit, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Introduction to HTML, Advanced HTML, Perl and CGI classes; 2000 - 2001.

Phonetics, Teaching Assistant to Prof. Ian Catford, University of Michigan Linguistics Department; 1979 - 1980.

Lecturer in Spanish, University of Michigan Romance Languages Department; 1982 - 1985.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Kyoto English Center, Kyoto Japan; 1982.


English: native speaker of American English.
Spanish: fluent, near native speaker of Argentine Spanish.
French: very good reading skills, fair speaking skills.
Italian: good reading skills.
Study of spoken and written Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese