Pedal Steel Guitar

Last updated 8/03


See the photos of my new MSA Millennium pedal steel guitar, my brand new, beautiful, shiny, jet black, polished aluminum, woven carbon fiber-bodied, titanium rodded, high-tech marvel of a pedal steel guitar

As you can see from my musical history, a lot of my musical life has to do with the pedal steel guitar, a strange and intriguing instrument indeed.

A pedal steel guitar for those who don't know, evolved from the Hawaiian guitar, the slide guitar, the Dobro, the electric lap steel guitar. With several strings and usually multiple necks, the strings are "fretted" with a steel bar. The pitch of the string therefore can be altered by means of moving the bar or, in the case of the Pedal Steel, by pressing a pedal or moving a knee lever which in turn stretches or loosens the string.

I got interested in the steel by listening to 1970's country music and Commander Cody. Later I learned about the full history of the steel and got to truly appreciate people like: Buddy Emmons, Doug Jernigan, Weldon Myrick, Hal Rugg, Lloyd Maines, and more.
Mr. Emmons is far and away my favorite steel player. No one has his touch, his range, his use of the middle register in harmony passages on the E9th, his sense of swing, his sense of humor. If there is anyone who can prove, and has proved, that the steel is an instrument that can shine in any musical genre, it is Buddy Emmons.

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