The Ito Project Photos 1

Under construction. But here are some photos to get us started... Click on each image to see a larger version.

Also, see more photos including several of a very young Ito and his small plane, by clicking here (Page 2).

Ito, about to board the boat to the US, saying good-bye to his mom.

Four guys and a plane. Ito, second from left. Life long friend, Guy Battier, on the right.

Ito writing letters back home. Read them here.

Newton A. Cope, Aviation Cadet, taken by his instructor, Alejandro N. Pagliere, just after he soloed this aircraft (8 hours). Thunderbird Field #2, Scottsdale, Arizona, March, 1943. Learn more about the fascinating connection between Ito's son Alan and Mr. Cope.

Seven colleagues.

Ito with his trainer.

Hitching a ride across his new country. Note the Air Force ring, which he proudly wore throughout his life.

Biplane, viewed from another biplane.

photo to come of Ito's classmates at Randolph Field, Texas.
Read the names taken
from the signatures
on the photo of
Squadron C Flight A
Sections 1 and 2 Class 42H

1st Lt. Kelly, Lt. Burnes, and Lt. Cope
April 2, 1944

Back of photo of
Kelly, Burnes, and Cope